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Reading Quest
Civil War KWL

Project Ideas:

Teachers can choose from the following project ideas or use this informational wiki with your own ideas.
1. Students use online or library sources to create time lines of various events that took place during the Civil War.
Lesson Plan

2. Students use their knowledge about the Civil War to complete these activities.
Lesson Plan

3. Write a Journal Entry
Directions: Now that you have read about the Civil War, it is time to use your imagination!
What do you think it would have been like to live back then? What would you have found hard? Scary? Interesting?

Your mission, if you choose to accept it:
Pretend you are a kid living during the Civil War. Think of an event that could have happened to you in this time period.
Write a journal entry from that point of view. Try to put in as much historical detail as possible.
Review your journal for grammar and spelling.

4. Using Primary Sources
Lesson Plan

5. Gettysburg Address (2 Options)
Memorize or have students re-write the famous speech in their own words?

6. Creating a Poster
Your group will use its creative talents to design a poster which shows support for Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.

7. Emancipation Proclamation:
Here is a worksheet that asks students to interpret the Emancipation Proclamation in their own words.

8. Causes of the War: Pick one of the causes of the Civil War to research and learn more about.
Present information to the class in the form of a bulletin board display.

9. Prepare a Civil War Lunch: How many of your students have ever tasted hardtack? Here is a recipe for hardtack and a list of other Civil War food items Recipes. With your students, plan a Civil War style lunch for your class. Divide your class in half to prepare both Northern and Southern rations. Each student can provide one food item that a soldier would have, and combine them all for a Civil War meal.

10. Battlefield Webquest

Here are some really good lesson plans. Follow the links and select "teaching activities,